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Sparked Chapter 6

Happy Tuesday! Here’s chapter 6 of Sparked! Chapter 6: Lucky Charms             The morning after the meet, Vincent was shoveling Lucky Charms down his throat when his mother came downstairs and turned on the news.             “That can’t be good for you, Vincent,” Peter commented, but Vincent knew that if he stopped eating Lucky Charms,Continue reading “Sparked Chapter 6”

Sparked Chapter 5

Hello everyone! It’s been a HOT sec since I’ve posted anything on here, but now that my book is out (!!!) I have a bit more time to actually write/work on something else lol. I want to think of more blog posts to do, as well! For now, enjoy this chapter of Sparked! Chapter 5:Continue reading “Sparked Chapter 5”

Sparked Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Shadow Wolves             It was only April, but it was hot.             Vincent had missed practice on Monday because he didn’t want to deal with Peter while he was there, but he’d given up on Tuesday when Coach nearly skinned him alive that morning. He supposed he should feel lucky that Coach wasContinue reading “Sparked Chapter 4”

Sparked Chapter 3

So clearly I lied about posting two chapters of Sparked that last time, but that’s okay because I SWEAR TO GOD, I’m posting one chapter today and another tomorrow. I’ve been working my butt off to edit Ace of Swords these last few weeks, but now it’s been sent off and I have a bitContinue reading “Sparked Chapter 3”

Sparked Chapter 2

Sorry for the extremely long delay in blog posts–I’m going to make up for it by posting two this week! Here’s Sparked chapter 2 🙂 P.S. Sorry that some of these paragraphs are indented and some aren’t–I’ve played around with it and I’m not sure exactly how to fix it. Stay tuned and maybe I’llContinue reading “Sparked Chapter 2”

Sparked Chapter 1

Hi everyone! This is a long time coming, but here’s the first chapter to Sparked! The title is dumb, I agree, but it’s a working title so that means it’s okay right? Righttttt…. Maybe one day I’ll think of something better. Forgive me for any grammar mistakes–I am currently my own editor (ft. my momContinue reading “Sparked Chapter 1”

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