“Sparked” Introduction

Howdy all, ’tis Clare (who else would it be? who knows??). This is me testing out this spiffy blogging feature, so stay with me if anything is formatted funky in this first go-round.

So I have started and re-started my Wattpad about 4 times. I always go in with big plans of uploading a book and it magically shooting to stardom in the first week it’s up, but alas…I never keep uploading chapters….

This, I’m hoping, will be more of a success! Here’s the sitch: “Sparked” is a book idea I had way back when that I never finished because there were WAY too many characters and nothing made sense (as is what happens with most of my manuscripts). I had always liked the idea and kept it in the back of my mind until…inspiration struck!

My parents keep suggesting that I should create a blog of some sort and try to post everyday. Now that I have paid real $$$buckaroos for this website domain, I am absolutely going to make use of this blog! However, I don’t really feel like the “posting every day” thing is my style, because there will inevitably be a day I miss and then I’ll spiral into a puddle of guilt and shame. So I thought this would work instead!

“This” being: posting “Sparked” on this blog! For free! I have *ideas* to go back and edit Sparked a lot, and instead of having a giant ensemble cast in one crazy book, have a series of novellas where each one will be from different characters’ POVs. If you’ve ever read The Wayward Children series by Seanan McGuire, I’m taking inspiration from the way she’s writing those books! Well…not nearly as good as her, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, I’m going to try and post a chapter of Sparked on here as often as I can. As of now, only the first chapter is edited, so it might be slow going, but in the meantime I hope to post other stuff here! Like short stories, writing exercises…musings on my very uninteresting life…etc… I will warn you, I will be sure to edit everything before I post it for other human eyeballs to see, but I am only one lady! I am bound to write your instead of you’re occasionally, though it deeply pains me to admit. If you see any mistakes, kindly point them out and I will be sure to go back into the post and fix it. I am also what the kool kids call a “pantser” when it comes to writing, so I go forth with very little plan. If I reach a point where I realize I have to go back and change something in the story for it to make sense, I will! But I will also be sure to leave a lovely note explaining what has changed.

Before I go, here’s some random stuff about this story:

  1. There are ghosts
  2. Vincent, our main hero (of novella #1 at least) can see them
  3. There are people with powers (because of course there are, this is me we’re talking about)
  4. Ummmmmmm…..Vincent is on the track team? Because it’s the only sport I know?? This isn’t interesting anymore so I’m going to stop here.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading and you’re as excited about this as I am! Hooray!

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I'm Clare and I like Wolverine, beluga whales, and X-Men

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